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AskSusi is a messenger bot that answers your question by using big data from loklak and a number of API services. In this repository we keep AskSusi chatbots for social media platforms. We have integrated AskSusi on Facebook Messenger, Slack and Telegram. All of the messenger bots work from one central index.js file, and run from one URL (with different paths). The type of questions Susi can currently answer can be found in the loklak documentation here.

AskSusi Messengers

Facebook Bot for Susi

A live version of Susi’s Messenger bot can be found at Personal Message the page to speak to Susi.

Susi Messenger

How do I install AskSusi on Facebook

To set up your own Messenger Bot for Susi, please check out the Installation document.

Slack Bot for Susi

You can directly talk to Susi using the Add to Susi button above. Click on that button, and add Susi to your team. Talk to it by typing @susi followed by your message.

Susi Slack

How do I install AskSusi on Slack

For making your own Slack Bot for Susi, please check out the Installation document. Or you can directly deploy AskSusi onto your team by clicking on the Add to Slack button below.

<a href=”,bot&client_id=62652302743.69257872898“>

Telegram Bot for Susi

A live version of Susi’s Telegram Bot can be found at

Susi Telegram

How do I install AskSusi on Telegram

To set up your own Telegram Bot for Susi, you can check out the Installation document.

Technology Stack

As of now, all the bots have been developed in node.js and Express for smooth builds and CI, so if you wish to add more bots, please add it into our Javascript files.

Roadmap and Contributions

We would love to see AskSusi on more platforms. Please help us to develop AskSusi bots for other platforms.

For contributing, please follow the follow the steps below:

  • Please append your code in the index.js file (without altering the other bots). Add a comment line specifying your platform, like:
    // <platform> BOT FOR SUSI
    and then write your code below it.
  • Update the package.json with your external npm packages (if you are using them), i.e when you wish to use an external dependancy for your bot, just add the save flag as well:

    npm install --save <package>

  • Add the installation / deployment instructions for your bot in the installation_docs folder, in a .md file. Keep the filename as INSTALLATION_<botplatform>.md. You should write how to setup such a bot on your platform, and how to make it consume the Susi API. To get a better idea, you can check the instructions of the other docs here.

  • Add a screenshot of your working bot, along with usage (i.e message format) in the Also write that the installation instructions of your bot can be found at <link to your installation documentation>.

  • Finally, send a single, squashed PR containing all these changes. Please send your PRs to the development branch.

Branch Policy

The default branch is development, so make sure you contribute only on this branch.


This project is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 3. Please find more info in our license document.