Installation of Susi server with Docker on BluemixΒΆ

  1. Install Docker on your system

  2. Get a Bluemix Account with this URL:
    2.1 Press Signup and type in your credentials
    2.2 Check your email and press the validation link
    2.3 Sign into bluemix

  3. Make sure you are in US South. The URL is (besides US South there is London and Sydney)

  4. Press Dashboard and create a space called dev

  5. Install cloud foundry command line tools for your OS from here In Linux:

    dpkg -i cf-cli-version.dep
  6. Install ic plugin as described here Linux:

    cf install-plugin
  7. Login to bluemix with

    cf login

    API endpoint is

  8. Login to Docker on bluemix with

    cf ic login

    (No credentials are necessary if you logged into bluemix before)

  9. Create namespace with

    cf ic namespace set <your namespace like hugo, make sure the name is unique>
    root@44ee147e1aa5:/# cf ic namespace set hugo
      "code": "IC5090E",
      "description": "Cannot assign namespace hugo to org 8b826387-9960-48d6-a409-1c5347b937af. Please ensure the namespace is not already in use.",
      "incident_id": "df24a7aedde48fbb",
      "name": "NamespaceToOrgAssignError",
      "rc": "409",
      "type": "Infrastructure" 
    root@44ee147e1aa5:/# cf ic namespace set otto
  10. Init your docker connection with cf ic init

  11. Upload the susi server docker file to your namespace with

    cf ic cpi fossasia/susi_server susi_server (takes some time)

  12. Create docker group with: (the XXXX must be unique, play around to found a free name)

cf ic group create --name susi_server --auto --desired 2 -m 1024 -n XXXX -d -p 80<namespace>/susi_server
  1. Check if your group is running either with pressing Dashboard in the browser or:
cf ic group list
  1. Wait until your container group is build and the network is configured (>1 minute) and
check at is working with your version of susi server
  1. Send your own bluemix susi server link to Mario in order to prove you done it