How to setup Susi Server on Eclipse

If you already have a local copy of susi_server repository

  1. Download and install Eclipse
  2. Open Eclipse and choose Import Project
  3. In the window that opens up, Choose git and press Next
  4. Choose a local repository and Add the repository to the search results window.
  5. Press Finish
  6. Then choose the susi_server git repository in the list and proceed in the wizard.
  7. Choose the radio option which says Import existing Eclipse Projects
  8. Press Finish to open up the Package Explorer and the IDE should be available with the project opened.
  9. Once the repository is ready using the Package Explorer navigate to
  10. Right click on SusiServer, Choose Run As > Run Configurations
  11. Choose Java Application and press the New Configuration button in the top left corner of this pane.
  12. In the frame panel that opens up, Move to the Arguments Tab and add the VM Arguments as -Xmx2G -Xms2G -server -ea
  13. Click Apply and then Close the window

NOTE: In case of gradle build failure, run the following command in the susi_server local repository :git submodule update --init --recursive

You can use Eclipse to download the susi_server from the git url in Step 4, Instead of choosing Local Repository choose Remote URL and use the git link and follow the rest of the instructions

Using the Ant File

  1. Choose File > New > Project
  2. Choose Java > Java Project from existing ant file
  3. Navigate to the local copy of the repository and use the build file to open up susi_server

Test :

Right click on and click on Run As -> JAVA Application , a window in your browser should open on .